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Tulico Sapa Train

Tulico Sapa Train apeares with the desire to provide travelers with trips to Sapa by deluxe train services at medium class. The fare for accommodation on this train is incredibly cheaper than most of train services on the route from Hanoi to Sapa.


Although Tulico Sapa does not have same level of superiority and top class amenities like many other trains, but normal services offered by this train are adequate to a relaxing and pleasured trip to Sapa for its passengers.

Like most of train suppliers on this route, Tulico Sapa train provides two options for passengers. For families and groups of visitors, Deluxe cabins with 4 berths are an ideal choices, based on its price and atmosphere. Another alternative is VIP cabins with 2 berths, which offer more privacy, more space as well as more amenities for passengers who value tranquility, or just want to have private time enjoying sceneries out of their windows.

Tulico Sapa might not have similar luxurious level in compared to some other express train to Sapa, but its cabins are still equipped with standardized amenities and interior. All cabins are paneled with light color wood, which visual a simple but cozy and very Vietnamese atmosphere. Water and wet tissues are provided free for passengers along the trips, and for those who are hungry, light food are also available for supply with reasonable price, but the sad thing is that there is no restaurant carriage on Tulico train to serve hot and diverse dishes. Tulico trains do not have private toilet for each cabin, but a hygiene WC cabins present at the end of each carriage

Tulico Sapa trains are available daily. On the route from Hanoi to Lao Cai Province, Tulico carriages are led by SP1 fast train, which leaves Hanoi at 9.10pm and reach Lao Cai Province at 5.35 am the next day. On the contrast way, SP2 Fast train plays as tractor for Tulico Train, with roughly 8.5 hours traveling from 8.15pm to 4.35 the following day. For some reason likes bad weather or technical issues, schedule might be modified, and changes on time are informed to passengers immediately.

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Cheap price is the first advantage for users of Tulico Sapa. Fare for both one-way and round-trip tickets on this train is significantly lower than most of superior train services on this path. Low cost goes along with lower level of service quality, but for medium class travelers, and especially backpackers, that price is ideal for a warm, relaxing and pleasured accommodation.

Secondly, decoration and interior on Tulico cabins is simple, but it might cause a familiar feeling to passengers, like they are at home. They might not feel any luxury or top class here, but sense of home, of their house. Moreover, the space inside Tulico cabins is also very Vietnamese, which differentiated it from other train suppliers, who pursue Western theme for their cabins.

One noticeable disadvantage for users of Tulico Express Train is that it does not have a moving restaurant go with the accommodating cabins. This mean passengers have less options of food and beverage to consider, and it is might be impossible for those who desire hot dishes, like a bowl of noodles or hard drinks (beers and alcohol). Furthermore, entertainment is another issue on this train, as there are barely amusing items and devices offered to passengers, except some magazines for users of VIP cabins.




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