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Sapa Train - Hanoi station - Lao Cai station

Sapaly Express Train

 Sapaly express train has the stunning and luxurious interior, which obtains European standards, it’s not hard to imagine that you pass the journey of 350 km from Hanoi to Lao Cai in just only one night with a wonderful sleep in your carriage which is like a luxury room in a four–star hotel.


 At the outer appearance, Sapaly Express is identical to any other train services in the route between Hanoi and Sapa, but when travelers enter its carriages, it is a great surprise for them. Interior and amenities with major theme of elegance are installed inside the train, to provide feeling to travelers, which is familiar like at home, in addition to luxurious like at deluxe hotel. In addition to the reasonable price, Sapaly could be an ideal option for tourists, especially at the period when there are too many train services on this road to select.

In general, Sapaly Express Train is able to provide two kinds of cabins to passengers, consisting of VIP 2-berths and deluxe 4-berths. 4-berth cabins are good choice for families and groups of travelers because its extensive size and warm atmosphere, decorated with wooden floor; graceful curtains; warm light system; baggage storage, flower,...while the VIP 2-berth cabins with with the spaciousness and other kinds of drink like a beer and a lemon tea. This is very suitable for couples who desire to have their own privacy.
Passengers are required to pay extra for hot and more complex dishes such as noodles, but snacks and water are provided for free on all cabins.
There is no private toiler, but there are public toilet cabins at the two ends of the carriages.
Suitable time frame is one feature that is appreciated on this Sapaly trains. On the Hanoi – Lao Cai way, starting time at 9.50pm is ideal for passengers to have great dinner and a few minutes to relax before departing, while reaching time at 6.15am is also perfect, as it a good time to get up. The similar time frame is set to reverse way, while leaving time at 9.00pm has nothing to concern about, the ending time at 5.15 am might be early, but not a problem to passengers. Cost is another advantage of this train, as it is cheaper than most of train suppliers on this road.
Shortage of entertainment device is an issue on Sapaly train. There are only a few options of amusement on this train, including witnessing natural landscape and magazines, while LCD screen is not equipped onboard, even on VIP cabins. That could be disappointed to travelers, as way between Hanoi and Sapa is a long journey.
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