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Sapa Attractions - Sapa Destination Guide

Sapa is home to stunning mountain landscapes, verdant rice terraces, unique stilt villages and Indochina peak, the Fansipan. The most prominent attraction in the town of Sapa is Fansipan, which is the highest mountain in Vietnam and it is only 19km from town. It may seem like a short distance, but the trek is not easy; the rough terrain and unpredictable weather present some difficulties. Tourists who are fit and have mountain climbing experience will enjoy this attraction the most, as the peak is accessible all year round. Technical climbing skills are not necessary, but endurance is a must.

  • Ta Van village

    Ta Van commune in Muong Hoa valley is located in the south and 8 km away from Sapa town ship. Ta Van means "a big turning road" like a basket brim, or tripod-leg line. Vast terrace fields with unique...
  • Ta Phin village

    Over 10 km away from Sa Pa to the northeast in Ta Fin commune, Where is well-known of charming tourists sites and its specific holy significance. Luyen tam monastery was half built from 1942 to 1944....