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Royal Express Train

 Royal Express Train also a part of regular train with 2 carriages in SP1 and SP2 between Hanoi and Lao Cai. The Royal Train is attracted by offering soft sleeper carriage, A/C clean four-berth cabins wood. Each berth is equipped with reading lights, baggage storage, flower. Royal Train create cozy comforts.


Royal Express Train is gaining more and more reputation, as well as attention of travelers when they have trip to this allured town from few years agao. The train might be not as superior or professional as other giant firms supplying train services, but key element to fascinate customers of Royal Express is cheap price and reasonable quality. The train might not have fruits and breads for free, or 4 or 5 carriage, but its proper which are cheaper than majority of other suppliers seems to be enough to make it become more and more  popular by both domestic and international travelers.

Generally, Royal Express Train is capable to provide accommodation to only a limit number of passengers. Cabins of this brand are classified into two types as other train firms, including VIP 2-berths and deluxe 4-berths. Deluxe cabins are perfect for groups of travelers or families with spacious rooms, while VIP 2 berths bring more privacy to single or couple to refresh and fully their trips. The VIP cabins are also set up with a giant window for passengers to have a larger sight of what on the road.

There are not many differences on cabins of Royal Express Train compared to other train services. Wooden materials are paneled on all carriage, and air-conditioners are also installed on each cabin. Passengers are required to pay extra charge for hot meals, but light drinks like tea and water, as well as snacks and fruit are free for all passengers during the trip. However, entertainments on Royal Express are somehow more diverse than some other trains. Beside common items such as magazines or music, all cabins have a TV for passengers, in both VIP and normal one.

Royal Express Train travel daily with national trains on the route between Hanoi and Lao Cai. From Hanoi to Lao Cai, Royal Express goes with SP1 fast train, which departs from Hanoi at 9.10 and reaches Lao Cai Province at 5.25am the next day. On the contrast road, train start about an hour earlier, starting at 8.05pm and ending at 4.35am tomorrow with SP2 fast train as tractor. Bad weather or technical issues might be reason that causes changes in schedule, but the truth is that this situation hardly occurs.

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Entertainment is one element that can attract more tourists to travel with Royal Express. Magazines and newspaper are common, as almost train suppliers provide them to their passengers, but Royal Express is on the list of rare firms which invest more in other amusing devices, such as sound system for music, and TV on every single cabin with various entertaining channel. In addition, fare might be another great feature of this train. Fare for accommodation on Royal Express is varied by travel agents, but often lower than price of other trains by dozens VND, but quality on might not lower than many express carriages on the same route.

Royal Express Train has one issue that many rail transportation suppliers in Sapa are negatively influenced from, which is time frame of route from Lao Cai to Hanoi. The train stops in Hanoi at about 4.35am, the time when most of passengers are still in deep sleep. It is explained that it has to follow schedule of SP2 national train, but it might still affects the operation of not only Royal Express but other trains on the same Hanoi – Lao Cao route.




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