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Ratraco Express Train

Ratraco Express Train is another top deluxe transportation service on the railway from Hanoi to Sapa. This train has 2 carriages (the 12th and 13th carriage in SP1 and SP2)


 Ratraco Express Train is luxurious rail service that is operated by Ratraco Company, a muilti-functional firm which has been doing business in various fields for nearly 10 years, but more concentrating in railway services, tourism, hospitality and logistic. Being established and upgraded from normal carriages on Hanoi-Lao Cai route, Ratraco Express today is one of the most deluxe, largest and most popular rail suppliers on this railway. Passengers choose to use Ratraco Express, not just because the train is beautiful and luxurious, but also due to the fact that services and staff team here are in high level of professionalism. This is the best ensure for unforgettable trip to the charming land Sapa Town.

Ratraco Express Train operates with 4 carriages and 28 cabins which are split into two types. Majority of the cabins are 4-berth cabins, which are for families and groups of travelers, while the rest is 2-berth VIP cabins, which are specially designed for single and couple, who need private space for enjoying the trip. Wood is paneled in all cabins and the terraces of each carriage, following modern Western style which expresses elegant and simply superiority.
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Amenities on Ratraco Express are other key features of this luxurious train. On limited area of the cabins, passengers are provided adequate items to fully enjoy their trip with this train, from food and drink to entertainment. Meals are not consisted in fare, but free breads and water are offered for passengers during travel time without any charge, along with magazines and newspapers to amuse passengers. Moreover, air-conditioners are installed on all cabins, and light system is efficient to all use of passengers. There is not private WC on cabins, but two ends of each carriage are toilet cabins which are cleaned frequently to guarantee hygiene for all users

Ratraco Express Train runs every day with single schedule for travelers. On the route Hanoi-Lao Cai, Ratraco Express travels with SP1 fast train for about 9 hours, leaving Hanoi at 9.10pm and reaching Lao Cai Province at 6.00 the next day. The reverse route Lao Cai-Hanoi is different, with traveling time from 8.15pm to 4.30 the following day, and SP2 Fast Train as tractor. For some reasons, likes technical issues or bad weather, schedule might be rearranged and informed immediately to passengers

Services and amenities on Ratraco Train are one of the outstanding features of this train. It can be said that only a few suppliers on this railway are able to provide services with similar professionalism level as well as extra item for passengers like Ratraco. This is result of considerable investment of the operator in maintaining the train, and also, excellent staff who are well trained with international standard in hospitality and services. Another advantage this train is that, compared to some other trains, time frame of this train on Hanoi-Lao Cai route is regarded as more reasonable, that passengers are able to have dinner before departing, and not required to wake up too early at ending point.

Price is the most serious concern of Ratraco Train, as fare on its carriages is higher than most of railway suppliers on this route. Extra fee to purchase more excellent services and more professionalism seems to be appropriate, but this also means that many travelers are forced to select other train with similar and a little lower level of quality, but cheaper. Furthermore, time frame on road from Lao Cai to Hanoi might also not proper, as 4.30am is too early to wake up and get out of a train for many passengers



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