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Sapa Train - Hanoi station - Lao Cai station

Pumpkin Express Train

Pumpkin Express Train is another top deluxe transportation service on the railway from Hanoi to Sapa.


Pumpkin Express is not a private train, but a series of carriages that travel with national train. From outer view, Pumpkin is not different to other trains in this route, but when coming inside, passengers definitely surprise with inner space, as well as interior of these carriages. It can be said that, there are not too many trains in Hanoi – Lao Cai Route provide diverse cabins with various feeling and atmosphere like pumpkin, where passengers are able to select wide range of rooms to fit their preference and moods. That makes Pumpkin Express one of the most popular train services in the route, with number of travelers being attracted to its services raising more and more.

Pumpkin Express Train can only offer bed for a restricted number of passengers. Cabins on this train can be categorized into two kinds, consisting of VIP 2-berths and deluxe 4-berths. 4-berth cabins are ideal for families and groups of travelers due to its large and cozy atmosphere, while the VIP 2-berth cabins with more privacy are perfect for those who desire to enjoy their trip with tranquil and private space. All cabins have a large window to witness magnificent landscape one the traveling road.

On cabins of Pumpkin Express Train, there are not many outstanding or different amenities and decoration, compared to other trains on the same route. All cabins are wood-paneled and equipped air-conditioners to bring fresh air with suitable temperature to passengers. Water and bread are provided for free to passengers, but for hot and more complex dishes such as noodles, they are required to pay extra charge. There is no toilet on each cabin, but public WC cabins are settled at two ends of each carriage to serve the passengers

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Time Schedule:

SP1: Depart Hanoi – Laocai: ((21:10pm - 05:30am)

SP2: Depart Laocai - Hanoi (19:35pm - 4:10am

One advantage of this train compared to other rail services suppliers in the same route is that, it run in more appropriate time frame. On the Hanoi – Lao Cai direction, starting time at 9.10 and 9.50pm is perfect for passengers to have dinner and relax a few minutes before departing, while time to reach Lao Cai at 5.25 and 6.15am is also fine, as it is not too early to get up. The similar time frame is set to reverse way, while leaving time at 8.45pm is perfect, and time to reach Hanoi at 5.10am is fine. However, Pumpkin Express is more attractive than some of other trains in this route, due to its amazingly cheap price which is more appropriate to more range of travelers.

Pumpkin Express does not have much disadvantage, but one of the most serious concerns is that there might be shortage of some equipment on this train, especially entertainment devices. There are only limited options of entertainment that are provided by Pumpkin Express, with mostly magazines and newspaper, while no music or not TV is available on this train. Additionally, interior in some of Pumpkin cabins are considered not appropriate, which are too dark and not airy in some cabins, and too colorful in some other.




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