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Sapa Train - Hanoi station - Lao Cai station

Livitran Express

 Livitrans established their reputation and gain confidence from passengers, but at present, this train services is considered one of the largest and most luxurious transportation services from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa,


 Livitrans Express Train Hanoi to Hue, Danang, Sapa,Livitrans Train is a newly built train and officially starts its operation on 1st September 2007, which comprises of 8 carriages under Livitrans operation, 7 of them are for accommodation, with 1 VIP carriage and the other 6 Deluxe carriage. VIP carriage contains 6 private cabins, provide about 180 beds in use, are perfect for single and couple travelers who value privacy, or need sole space for enjoying the trip. These cabins are installed with 5 stars hotel standard, with only 2 single berths. The 6 Deluxe carriages consist of 7 cabins with 4 berths, which are ideal for families or small groups of travelers. The train will feature sleeping carriage with 4 berths with a bar, toilets, etc...of aviation standards. it could be unforgettable experience to passengers on this train. From interior to decoration and amenities, all of them are chosen and mixed under deluxe theme, which demonstrate top class feature of this train. Along with professional services and crew members, passengers are ensured enjoyable and refreshing on every second they are on Livitrans cabins.

Livitrans is one of train providers one this route with highest number of berths and cabins for services. . All carriages are wood-paneled and equipped air-conditioners on each cabin.

Tickets are not included meals, but passengers on Livitrans trains are provided snacks, fruits and light drinks at any time they require during the trip. Furthermore, the train offers various choices of entertainments for their passengers, such as magazines and newspaper on each cabin, and even TVs on VIP cabins. There is also a restaurant cabins for Livitrans passengers, at which guests can have hot and tasty dishes with reasonable price, or hard drink like wine or beer and enjoy beautiful nature on the windows.

One of the best beneficial for passengers on trains of Livitrans is that, they are served with best train-services on trains in Vietnam. Light food such as snacks and fruits, with drinks are provided free for all passengers in all cabins during the trips, along with entertainment such as magazines or books. Also, there are rare trains on this route that are equipped with sound system to play relaxing music one every cabins, even the toilet cabins.

In addition, there is more accommodation on Livitrans for passengers. 7 berth carriages, divided into 1 VIP carriage and the other 6 Deluxe one provide about 180 beds in use, which are larger number contracting to many other train suppliers on the route between Hanoi and Lao Cai Province.

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First issue with this train, and also other express train services might be related to starting time. Leaving at 8.35pm for Hanoi – Lao Cai route might have no issue, but 7.30pm for reverse road might cause some passengers to not have sufficient time for a quick meals before leaving the cities. 4.05am and 4.55am as ending time of the trip might be also another problem, as its means waking up too early, and some passengers might not be familiar with that. Also, fare for cabins on Livitrans is slightly higher than other train, which is for its outstanding services.



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