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Sapa Train - Hanoi station - Lao Cai station

King Express Train

Starting to run after many deluxe trains on the route between Hanoi and Sapa, but King Express managed to establish and maintain good reputation that attracts more and more passengers selecting this luxurious train services for their trips exploring the spectacular Sapa Town in Lao Cai Province. 


If you want to go through the hills of Sapa, the best way to get there is by train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. Sapa is no railway station, but from Lao Cai train station about 38 km (24 miles) and easy to Sapa by bus, jeep or taxi in about 50 minutes. There's ship overnight sleep during the day and between Hanoi and Lao Cai, sleeping on trains you can choose between normal of Vietnam Railways or private company to train higher standards in order serve tourists.

With main principle to gain attention of travelers and compete with other train by services and professionalism, King Express operator has invested reasonably in not only equipping deluxe amenities, but also in training staff and providing application with great quality to their passengers. This explains why King Express is more and more chosen by both domestic and international travelers, for best experiences of their trips to Sapa Town.

Like many of other express train between Hanoi and Sapa, carriages of King Express only have limited number of cabins and berth, which provide adequate private space, as well as cozy atmosphere for all its guests. There are about 26 berths on each carriage of King Express, which are divided into two types of cabins, including Deluxe cabins with 4 berths and Private Deluxe cabins with 2 berths. Deluxe cabins might be ideal for groups of travelers or families, while Private Deluxe offer more privacy to single or couple during their long trips to charming Sapa town.

In all cabins of King Express, both Deluxe and Private Deluxe, interior and amenities are precisely selected to ensure that passengers enjoy their train trip the most. They are paneled with wood, decorated with art work with a large window to witness magnificent landscape on the roads. Air-conditioner is equipped on every cabin, and other essentials amenities such as reading lights and luggage storage also present there to make guests feel convenient the most. Toilets are not in each cabin, but passengers can find those on the end of carriage. Moreover, snacks and drinks are free during the trip, and at the morning of it, passengers are served with tasteful drinks, tea or coffee, for a new day heading to allured land Sapa

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Being served with professional staffs that are well-trained, passengers on King Express Train are also beneficial from other aspects of this high-class train. Fare does not include meals, but passengers are provided free snacks and light drinks (water, tea or coffee) at any time. Along with these items are other tiny objects that express professionalism of the train for usage, including wet tissues, flowers and light for reading books. Moreover, passengers of King Express Train are also free of charge with transportation from and to the train, like from their hotel in Hanoi to train station or from their accommodation in Lao Cai to the station. 




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