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Sapa Train - Hanoi station - Lao Cai station

Hara Express Train

 With professional quality of services in this train, Hara Express is considered an ideal railway service to have an enjoyable trip to the charming land Sapa


  Hara Express also is a series of carriages connecting with national train on this route. Unlike many other rail services in Hanoi – Lao Cai road, Hara Express causes almost no impressive feeling to passengers from outer sight, but passengers might be truly surprised with luxurious and cozy atmosphere inside, formed by deluxe decoration and amenities after entering the carriages.

Hara Express Train runs every day with fix schedule on its route. From Hanoi to Lao Cai, Hara Express follow SP1 fast train, which leaves Hanoi at 9.15pm, and come to Lao Cai Province at 5.30am the next day. On contrast road, trains depart from Lao Cai Province at 8.15pm, and reach Hanoi at 4.30am the next morning after about 8 hours travelling. The schedule can be modified in case of seriously unexpected issue, such as bad weather or technical issues.

Like other train, Hara Express Train offers travelers two types of cabins consist of the VIP 2-berths and deluxe 4-berths. In which, 4-berth cabins are good option for groups of and families with spacious atmosphere, the 2-berth cabins are ideal for single and couple travelers who love to enjoy the trip in more private and relaxing atmosphere.

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Especially all cabins, both VIP and normal have a large window, which provides more sight for passengers to witness magnificent landscape outside. That is considered A special feature of Hara train

All carriages on Hara Train are paneled wood materials following Western simple theme and decorated identically to other train suppliers, with basic equipment such as air-conditioners and light system. Ticket dont included your meals in fare, but water and light foods are offered for free to passengers during the long trip. Althought Hara Express does not equip private toilet to each cabins, but there are cleaned restrooms at two ends of the train, which ensure strict hygiene standard

The large window is regarded as one of advantage of Hara Express Train. Many of travelers spend time witness the spectacular landscape outer of the window, so large windows means more sight and more holistic that passengers can have a view on nature outside. Moreover, fare for accommodation on this train is also reasonable to travelers, which are cheaper than many other luxurious trains in the same railway.

Like some other trains, time frame is one of the concerns for passengers on Hara Express Train. On the route from Lao Cai to Hanoi, starting time at 8.15 is proper, but ending time at 4.30am the next day seems to be inconvenient to some passengers, as it is too early to get up. Also, the truth is that there is a shortage of entertainment devices on this train, with only some magazines but lack of audiovisual items like music or TV




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